Some of my favorite links
for fun,
facts and cool stuff

Conure Crazy - The BEST Conure forum! from training to breeding. Join Today!

4 pets online -
Information about caring for your pets
4 pets online now has a forum for all animals

BirdCrazy -
A fun and friendly forum for bird lovers

Pet Bird/UpAtSix -
Complete Source for Pet Bird Care and Information.

Bird Talk Online -
Bird talk the magazine. 

The Aviary/Companion Birds -
All sorts of bird information.

Companion Parrot Quarterly -
The thinking person's parrot magazine.

The Budgie Place -
Cruise the brand new Budgie Place Webring.

Parakeet Links -
An entertaining and informative site by Jennifer Parks

Budgie world -
Great site for facts & information A to Z and lots more.

Feathered pets -
Cages, toy's and treats

The bird care company -
bird care,health,nutrition and breeding advice for bird keepers

Tail feathers network
Where bird lovers gather

Budgie -
Facts and info about caring for & raising budgies